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WooPlus 2023 Review – Should You Give It A Try In 2023?

Ready to find love, but tired of swiping left on skinny minnies? Well buckle up, because we’re diving headfirst into the world of WooPlus – a dating app tailor-made for plus-size individuals who are ready to rock their curves! Trust me, folks, this ain’t your grandma’s matchmaker. We’re talking about a platform that celebrates body positivity while connecting people based on shared interests and values.

So grab a cuppa Joe and get comfy – it’s time to spill the tea on whether WooPlus is truly the cat’s pajamas or just another swipe ‘n’ forget app. Are you tempted yet? Let’s dig in!

Pros & Cons

  • – WooPlus is a wooplus free dating platform that caters specifically to plus-size individuals, which means you won’t find any judgmental skinny-minnies here!
  • – The number of wooplus users and wooplus members on the site is impressive, offering a wide variety of potential matches for all your curvy dating needs.
  • – Unlike other dating apps or sites that may have limited features for free members, WooPlus offers a decent range of functions even if you’re just starting out with a free wooplus account.
  • – The customer support team at WooPlus is super responsive and helpful, always ready to answer your queries and ensure smooth sailing throughout your online dating journey.
  • – With an active audience gathered from around the world on this Google Play app, there’s never a dull moment when it comes to finding exciting connections on this inclusive dating platform.
  • – The wooplus free version offers limited features and access compared to other dating apps.
  • – Some wooplus users complain about the quality of interactions and lack of serious members on the platform.
  • – The number of active audience on wooplus is relatively smaller than other dating sites, limiting potential matches.
  • – The customer support team of wooplus can be slow in responding to inquiries or addressing issues.
  • – There have been instances where fake accounts or misleading profiles are found on wooplus, creating a less trustworthy environment for its free members.

Similar Sites & Apps

While WooPlus app provides a platform for individuals interested in serious relationships within the online dating world, there are other options available as well. These alternatives can be found on the Google Play Store and offer similar features like search filters, sending messages to other members, and facilitating connections beyond what WooPlus dating offers. Additionally, some users may prefer exploring alternative platforms through internet sites rather than relying solely on the WooPlus app.

  • Wooplus app: A popular dating app specifically designed for plus-size individuals.
  • How does Wooplus work: Users can download the app from the Google Play Store and create a profile. They can then browse through other members’ profiles, apply various search filters to find potential matches, and send messages to initiate conversations.
  • Other members: Wooplus has a diverse user base consisting of people interested in serious relationships and open to dating individuals with different body types.
  • Search filters: The app offers a range of search filters that allow users to customize their preferences based on age, location, interests, and more.
  • Wooplus dating: Wooplus provides a platform for users to engage in online dating and connect with like-minded individuals who appreciate and embrace diversity.
  • How does Wooplus work in the online dating world: Wooplus introduces an inclusive approach to online dating, providing a safe and welcoming environment for plus-size individuals looking for meaningful connections.
  • Send messages: With Wooplus, users can easily send messages to initiate conversations with other members they are interested in.
  • Internet site: In addition to the app, Wooplus also maintains an internet site where users can access their accounts, explore features, and stay updated with the community.

How Does WooPlus Work?

WooPlus is a dating platform that caters specifically to plus-sized individuals and their admirers. It was created in 2015 with the goal of providing a safe and inclusive space for people who may not always feel confident on other mainstream dating apps.

With its focus on body positivity and acceptance, WooPlus aims to combat the stigma often associated with being overweight in the world of online dating. By providing a dedicated platform for plus-sized individuals, it allows users to connect with like-minded people who appreciate them just as they are.

When you visit WooPlus, you’ll find an array of profiles featuring individuals of various shapes and sizes. This diversity is one of the major strengths of the platform as it ensures there’s someone for everyone. Whether you’re looking for friendship, casual dating, or a long-term relationship, WooPlus offers a wide pool of potential matches.

One key feature on WooPlus is the free membership option available to all users. While certain premium features require payment, free members can still enjoy many benefits and connect with others without any cost involved. Some examples include basic profile creation and browsing through potential matches.

To enhance user experience further, WooPlus also provides additional perks exclusively for its paying members. These include advanced search filters to narrow down your preferences even more precisely, sending unlimited messages to other users, and gaining access to exclusive content such as dating tips and articles about love and relationships.

As an added bonus, WooPlus has implemented stringent measures against scammers and fake profiles to ensure a secure environment for its users. The site utilizes manual profile verification methods along with AI technology monitoring systems in place.

It is worth noting that while WooPlus primarily focuses on connecting those interested in plus-sized partners, it is not limited solely to this demographic. People from all walks of life are welcome on WooPlus as long as they have genuine intentions towards building meaningful connections.

In terms of cost, specific pricing details can be found on the WooPlus website as they may vary based on location and membership duration. Nonetheless, WooPlus offers various subscription plans to suit different budgets.

In conclusion, WooPlus is a dating platform dedicated to providing a safe and inclusive space for plus-sized individuals and those who appreciate them. It offers free features along with premium options, advanced search filters, and content aimed at enhancing user experience. Whether you’re new to online dating or seeking fresh opportunities, WooPlus can be just what you need to find love and meaningful connections.

Searching, Filters and Communications

Are you tired of scrolling through endless profiles on dating sites, only to find that none of them are your perfect match? Look no further – WooPlus is a dating site that offers an array of search filters and communication features to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Whether you’re new to internet dating or have tried other platforms before, WooPlus is just what you need.

With free features available for all users and the option to upgrade for additional perks, this site has received positive reviews in the world of online dating. Don’t worry about the cost – WooPlus offers affordability while still providing a quality experience for its members.

  • WooPlus is a dating site that offers various features to help its users find and communicate with other members.
  • The free features on WooPlus allow users to create profiles, browse through other user profiles, and send messages.
  • Free members on WooPlus can access the basic features of the site without any additional cost.
  • WooPlus provides a platform for online dating where individuals can connect with others who share their interests and preferences.
  • WooPlus is not a sugar daddy site; instead, it focuses on providing a safe and inclusive space for plus-size individuals to explore dating online.

WooPlus is a dating site that offers various search options and filters to help users find and connect with people. Free members can access these features, making internet dating more convenient. With just what they are looking for in mind, they can customize their searches based on specific criteria such as location, age range, and interests.

This allows free users to browse through potential matches who meet their preferences. WooPlus is not a sugar daddy site but rather a platform where individuals can explore online dating at no cost before deciding if they want to upgrade to a paid membership. Dating tips and reviews of the site can also be found online to assist those who may be new to the world of dating or simply curious about Wooplus’ offerings and cost structure.

User Profiles

User profiles on WooPlus are public and can be viewed by other users on the platform. This means that anyone who is using WooPlus has access to view profiles of other members. The profiles consist of various information about the user, including their basic details such as name, age, height, and location.

In terms of customizing a bio, users have the option to write a personalized description or introduction about themselves. This allows users to showcase their interests, hobbies, and preferences to give others a better understanding of who they are.

The location information in user profiles typically includes the city or general area where the user resides. However, it is possible for users to hide this information if they prefer not to disclose their precise location. This provides an extra level of privacy for those who may be concerned about revealing specific details regarding their whereabouts.

When browsing through user profiles on WooPlus, there is usually an indication of distance displayed. This feature helps users understand how far potential matches are geographically located from them. It can be beneficial for individuals seeking local connections or those looking for long-distance relationships.

For users with premium subscriptions on WooPlus, there are several benefits available. Premium members receive enhanced visibility within search results and recommendations, which increases the likelihood of being seen by more people. Additionally, premium subscribers gain access to advanced filters when searching for potential matches based on specific criteria such as body type or lifestyle preferences.

While every effort is made to maintain a safe and authentic community on WooPlus, like any online platform, there may be some fake profiles present. The team behind WooPlus works diligently to identify and remove these accounts in order to provide a trustworthy environment for its members.

To ensure privacy and control over one’s profile information, WooPlus offers various settings that allow users to adjust their profile visibility at any time. Users can choose whether all members can see their profile or limit it only to those they have matched with or approved as friends. Additionally, WooPlus offers both Google and Facebook sign-in options, allowing users to conveniently create an account using their existing credentials from these platforms.

In conclusion, user profiles on WooPlus are public and customizable with a custom bio. Location information can be hidden, and there is an indication of distance between users. Premium subscriptions offer benefits such as increased visibility and advanced search filters. While precautions are taken to minimize fake profiles, they may still exist. Users have profile privacy settings available to them, along with the option for Google or Facebook sign-in.

What Makes WooPlus Worth Trying

  • WooPlus has a large and active community of members who share similar interests and preferences, providing ample opportunities for meaningful connections. Its user base is diverse, comprising plus-size individuals looking for relationships that celebrate body positivity.
  • This app prioritizes the safety and authenticity of its users, ensuring a genuine dating experience. With strict verification procedures in place, WooPlus maintains a higher level of credibility compared to many other dating apps, guarding against fake profiles and scammers.
  • Users can easily cancel their WooPlus subscriptions through simple and straightforward steps, allowing them full control over their membership and subscription status.
  • WooPlus offers a unique feature that enables users to send virtual gifts to express interest or appreciation for other members. This interactive feature fosters a dynamic and engaging environment for connecting with others.
  • The website of WooPlus provides an incredible user experience with its sleek and intuitive design. Navigating through different features and finding potential matches becomes effortless, enriching the overall online dating journey.
  • In comparison to many other dating apps available, WooPlus stands out by fostering a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. It not only celebrates body diversity but also encourages positive interactions, making it an ideal platform for those seeking meaningful relationships beyond superficial standards.

Who’s on WooPlus?

WooPlus targets a specific demographic of people, namely those who identify as plus-size individuals. This inclusive dating app aims to provide a platform where people with curvier bodies can find love and meaningful connections without facing size-related judgment or discrimination. While WooPlus is open to users from various age groups, the majority falls within the range of 25 to 44 years old.

When it comes to relationship preferences, WooPlus caters to individuals seeking both casual encounters and long-term commitments. The app offers an equal opportunity for users looking for hookups or pursuing serious relationships.

With this flexibility, users can navigate their own individual goals while engaging with other like-minded individuals on the platform.

Although originating in China, WooPlus has expanded its reach and now boasts a significant global presence. Its user base includes people from different countries worldwide, making it an app with extensive international accessibility. This broad scope allows for diverse cultural exchange and provides opportunities for users to connect regardless of geographic boundaries.


WooPlus, a dating platform specifically designed for plus-size individuals and their admirers, does indeed have a website. This online platform serves as an avenue for users to connect with like-minded individuals and potentially find romantic partners.

Starting with WooPlus’ advantages, one prominent feature is its focus on inclusivity. The site caters to the often overlooked market of plus-size daters and helps address some of the challenges faced by this community in traditional dating apps. By creating a dedicated space for people who appreciate bigger body types, WooPlus aims to foster a more accepting and positive environment.

The website’s user interface is relatively clean and easy to navigate. WooPlus employs simple design elements that prioritize ease of use. Users can easily browse profiles and initiate conversations with potential matches through the messaging system.

Additionally, WooPlus offers several unique features that enhance the overall dating experience. One notable functionality is “Moments,” where users can share daily activities or highlight interesting aspects of their lives using text updates or photos. This social networking-like component encourages users to engage with each other beyond just swiping right or left, fostering deeper connections based on shared interests.

While there are definite strengths to WooPlus’ website, it also has its drawbacks. Some users may find the user base smaller compared to mainstream dating platforms due to its niche target audience. Thus, finding suitable matches might be slightly more challenging compared to larger-scale apps.

Another limitation worth mentioning is that while browsing profiles and engaging in conversations are free functions for all members, some premium features require additional payment. Features such as sending virtual gifts or accessing advanced search filters may necessitate upgrading to a paid membership plan.

In terms of accessibility and cross-platform compatibility, WooPlus ensures that their website is optimized for mobile devices alongside offering native mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms. This allows users the convenience of accessing their accounts seamlessly across various devices without compromising functionality or display quality.

In conclusion, WooPlus has a website that caters to plus-size individuals and their admirers, providing an inclusive environment for dating. The site’s focus on user experience, coupled with unique features like "Moments," makes it a viable option for those seeking meaningful connections. However, potential limitations include having a smaller user base compared to more mainstream platforms and the inclusion of some premium features requiring additional payment. Overall, WooPlus offers an accessible platform optimized for mobile devices.

Security & Safety

Safety and security are of paramount importance when it comes to any online platform, especially those involving personal information and interactions with others. WooPlus recognizes the significance of assuring its users’ safety and has implemented several measures to ensure a positive and secure experience.

To begin with, WooPlus requires account verification during the registration process. This verification includes authenticating email addresses or connecting social media accounts, enhancing trust among the userbase by ensuring that profiles are not created under false pretenses.

The platform takes a strong stance against bots and fake accounts. Through advanced algorithms and strict monitoring protocols, WooPlus actively identifies and eliminates such accounts from its system, minimizing fraudulent activities that could undermine user trust. By doing so, this dating app strives to maintain an authentic community for its members.

Additionally, WooPlus offers a two-step verification option as an extra layer of protection for users who opt-in. With this feature enabled, individuals logging into their accounts must provide an additional code received via SMS before gaining access. This serves as a deterrent against unauthorized access attempts aimed at compromising sensitive account information.

When it comes to photos shared on WooPlus, each image undergoes manual review by a team dedicated exclusively to maintaining content standards. This moderation process ensures that explicit or inappropriate imagery does not permeate the platform’s environment, affording greater privacy and comfort for all users involved.

Furthermore, WooPlus is committed to safeguarding user data through its comprehensive privacy policy. The company acknowledges transparency in disclosing how personal information is handled within their system while adhering strictly to relevant legal requirements concerning data protection laws.

Although WooPlus demonstrates commendable efforts in promoting safety and security among its members, there are areas where further improvements can be made. For example, implementing more extensive identity verification processes would instill even greater confidence in the authenticity of user profiles. Additionally, investing in sophisticated anti-fraud technologies could bolster protection against evolving cyber threats targeted at stealing personal information or engaging in deceptive activities.

In conclusion, WooPlus prioritizes the safety and security of its users by utilizing account verification, combating bots and fake accounts, offering two-step verification, manually reviewing photos, and providing a comprehensive privacy policy. While this dating app has taken notable steps, there is always room to enhance these measures further in order to maintain an even safer environment for its growing userbase.

Design & Usability

The colors and design of WooPlus are thoughtfully chosen to create an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly experience. The color palette consists of soothing tones, primarily pastel blues and greens, which contribute to a calm and inviting atmosphere. These colors are strategically incorporated throughout the site’s interface, from the logo to various buttons and icons, ensuring consistency in design.

Apart from its visually appealing aesthetics, WooPlus also boasts a highly usable interface that makes navigation effortless. The layout is clean and well-organized, allowing users to easily locate different sections of the site without feeling overwhelmed by cluttered elements. The menu bar at the top provides quick access to essential features like searching for matches, checking messages, or browsing through profiles.

When it comes to usability, WooPlus truly shines by streamlining the process of finding potential partners who share similar interests or physical attributes.

With robust search filters available on both free and paid accounts, users can specify their preferences such as age range, location, body type, or even specific hobbies. This feature not only saves time but also narrows down the options considerably for better compatibility.

Furthermore, each profile offers detailed information about the individual along with multiple photos they have uploaded. This allows users to gain a comprehensive understanding of someone before initiating conversation or expressing interest in connecting further. Additionally, there is seamless integration with social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram if individuals wish to offer more insights into their lives.

In terms of ease-of-use within messaging functionality on WooPlus is intuitive – simply click on any match’s profile picture to start chatting instantly! Moreover You don’t require any premium subscription plan just access basic chat features like text messages sent directly between you + matching members without major limitations expect some extra perks that come with upgraded plans.

While WooPlus already excels in design and usability across all account types including unpaid ones,based on user feedback,purchasing a paid subscription unlocks several UI improvements aimed at enhancing the overall experience. These may include removing ads, gaining access to advanced search filters or enjoying a more personalized interface.

In conclusion, WooPlus offers an appealing and user-friendly design that effortlessly combines form with functionality. Its soothing colors, streamlined layout, and robust search filters make it an exceptional platform for individuals seeking meaningful connections within the plus-size community. Whether using the free or paid version, users can navigate smoothly through profiles, initiate conversations easily, and potentially find their ideal partner in a secure online environment.

Signing up

To register on WooPlus, individuals must first visit the official website or download the WooPlus app. Regardless of which platform they choose, the signing up process is fairly simple and straightforward.

The minimum required age to register on WooPlus is 18 years old. This ensures that all users are legally adults capable of making their own decisions regarding online dating and relationships.

Upon visiting the website or opening the app, new users will have two options for registration. They can either sign up using their Facebook account or create a brand new profile by manually providing some necessary information.

If choosing to sign up with Facebook, individuals need to click on the designated button and allow WooPlus access to their Facebook details. By doing so, important information such as name, gender, email address, birthday, and profile pictures will be automatically transferred from their Facebook account to their WooPlus profile.

Alternatively, if opting for manual registration without linking it to social media accounts, individuals need to fill out a short form requiring them to enter basic personal details.

These typically include but are not limited to:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Email address
  • Password

Once this information has been provided correctly and completely filled out according to the required fields indicated on the form (passwords usually require certain characters like uppercase letters or numbers), users can proceed with creating their profiles by uploading one or more photos of themselves.

After completing these steps successfully and clicking on "Sign Up", a verification link will be sent via email in order to activate the new account.

Should any issues arise during this process or if users encounter technical difficulties while registering on WooPlus, they can contact the customer support team for assistance. The customer support team is committed to helping users resolve any concerns promptly and efficiently through various channels such as email or live chat support within the app.

It’s reassuring knowing that there’s continuous help available when needed throughout one’s journey in utilizing Wooplus’ services.

It is important to note that registering on WooPlus is completely free. Users can enjoy the basic features and functionalities without any charges or fees. However, there may be additional premium features available for purchase within the app which could enhance the overall user experience.

In summary, signing up for WooPlus involves either linking one’s Facebook account or manually providing personal information, including a valid email address. The minimum age requirement for registration is 18 years old. It is a free process, but users have the option to upgrade their accounts through optional premium features. Customer support team assistance can be accessed if needed during sign-up or any other stage of using WooPlus’ services.

  • Download the WooPlus app from a reliable source such as Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Open the app and click on the "Sign Up" button to begin the registration process.
  • Provide basic information such as your name, email address, and date of birth.
  • Create a strong password for your account to ensure its security.
  • Select your gender and indicate the gender preference you are interested in connecting with.
  • Upload a profile picture that accurately represents you and follows the community guidelines.
  • Confirm your email address through the verification link sent to the provided email.
  • In case of any issues during the signing up process, reach out to the customer support team for assistance.

Help & Support

Users can access the support of WooPlus through various channels, ensuring prompt assistance and guidance for any issues they encounter. Firstly, there is a dedicated support page on the WooPlus website where users can find answers to common questions or seek further help. This page serves as a central resource for obtaining information about the platform and resolving basic inquiries without needing direct interaction with customer support.

For more specific concerns or complex situations, users have the option to contact WooPlus support via email. By sending an email to their designated support address, users can expect a timely response from a knowledgeable representative who will provide personalized assistance based on their query. The response time may vary depending on the volume of inquiries received at that particular moment; however, WooPlus strives to reply within 24-48 hours.

In addition to email support, users can also reach out by phone if they prefer a more immediate form of communication.

By dialing WooPlus’s provided phone number during their operating hours, users can speak directly with a support agent who can address their concerns in real-time. This feature allows for efficient problem-solving and provides reassurance for those who appreciate immediate responses.

To further enhance self-help options and save time for both users and the support team, WooPlus has built an extensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on their website. This comprehensive compilation covers a wide range of commonly encountered topics such as profile setup, account management, payment methods, privacy settings, and more. Users can easily navigate this FAQ database to quickly find relevant answers before resorting to contacting customer support.

When comparing WooPlus’s user support services with alternatives in the online dating industry sphere like Tinder or Bumble, it becomes apparent that having multiple channels available sets them apart in terms of convenience and accessibility. While many other platforms primarily rely on automated chatbots or limited email-based systems that might not adequately address all user concerns promptly, WooPlus places importance on human interaction by offering both email and phone support.

This commitment to personalized service ensures that users receive the attention they need when encountering any difficulties or requiring clarification on platform features.

Moreover, WooPlus’s comprehensive FAQ section minimizes the reliance on direct customer support by proactively providing answers to common queries, resulting in more efficient troubleshooting for users. This emphasis on accessible self-help resources highlights their dedication to empowering users with knowledge and fostering a supportive community within the platform.

In conclusion, WooPlus offers a reliable and attentive support system through its dedicated support page, responsive email assistance, easily reachable phone support, and a thorough FAQ database. By augmenting traditional customer service methods with these versatile options, WooPlus sets itself apart from other online dating platforms by prioritizing user satisfaction and convenience in resolving their inquiries effectively.

Pricing & Premium Membership on WooPlus

The benefits of getting a paid subscription on WooPlus app are numerous. Not only does it unlock premium features, but it also allows you to have a more active experience on the site by connecting with a larger audience. When it comes to pricing and premium membership on WooPlus, it is worth noting that the prices are competitive compared to other options in the market.

If you choose not to subscribe, you can still use WooPlus with a free account.

However, without a premium membership, your access will be limited when it comes to certain features and functionalities. This means that you may potentially miss out on opportunities for more matches and connections.

When using WooPlus as a free member, you might notice some restrictions in terms of messaging capabilities or accessing exclusive features available only to premium subscribers. While this can feel slightly limiting compared to what the platform offers for paying members, it remains an option for those who prefer not to commit financially.

To make things convenient for users, WooPlus offers various payment methods. Whether you prefer using credit cards or online wallets like PayPal or Google Pay, they have options available to suit your preferences.

Overall, opting for a paid subscription on WooPlus app brings enhanced benefits and functionality compared to utilizing the platform solely with a free account. By becoming a premium member, you increase your chances of finding potential matches within their active audience while enjoying additional features tailored specifically for subscribers.

Subscription Plan Price Features
1-month $14.99 Advanced search filters, unlimited swipes, read receipts
3-months $29.99 All features from the 1-month plan plus:
– Boost your profile daily
– Rewind feature to undo a swipe
– See who likes you
6-months $49.99 All features from the 3-month plan plus:
– Get recommended matches
– Send virtual gifts
Lifetime $149.99 All features from the 6-month plan plus:
– Enjoy ad-free experience
– Priority customer support

Please note that prices may vary and it’s always best to check the most up-to-date information on the WooPlus website.

WooPlus features

The WooPlus app offers both free and paid features to its users, with premium members enjoying additional perks. One of the unique aspects of WooPlus is its focus on inclusivity, catering specifically to plus-size individuals and their admirers. Beyond this distinction, WooPlus provides a platform for singles to connect, featuring functionalities such as free messaging that encourages interaction among its wide-ranging user base.

  • WooPlus is a dating app designed specifically for plus-size individuals, catering to the needs and preferences of its users.
  • The app aims to create a safe and inclusive environment for plus-size individuals to connect, meet, and build meaningful relationships.
  • Premium members on WooPlus enjoy exclusive benefits such as advanced search filters, unlimited likes, and profile boosts to increase their visibility within the community.
  • Users can join WooPlus for free and explore various profiles, engage in conversations, and discover potential matches based on shared interests and preferences.
  • One of the standout features of WooPlus is the provision of free messaging, enabling users to communicate with each other freely without any additional costs.


1. Is WooPlus legit?

WooPlus app is definitely legit! It offers a fun and inclusive platform for plus-size individuals to connect with like-minded people. Give it a try if you’re looking for an enjoyable dating experience.

2. Is WooPlus safe?

Yeah, I’ve tried the WooPlus app myself and can say that it’s pretty safe. They take user security seriously with measures like profile verification and moderation to keep out trolls or fakes – giving you a more authentic online dating experience. So, yeah, if safety is your concern, give WooPlus a shot!

3. Can you delete your WooPlus account?

Yeah, totally! You can delete your WooPlus account easily by following a few simple steps within the wooplus app. Just tap on your profile, go to settings, and scroll down to find the option for deleting your account. It’s quick and hassle-free!

4. Is WooPlus worth the money?

As an online dating expert who has tried the WooPlus app, I would say that it is definitely worth the money. The app offers a refreshing and inclusive platform for plus-size individuals to connect with like-minded people in a safe and comfortable environment. With its user-friendly interface and unique features, WooPlus truly stands out among other dating apps in terms of value for your money.

5. Is WooPlus a scam?

No, WooPlus is not a scam. As an online dating expert who tried the Wooplus app, I found it to be genuine and trustworthy. It provides a safe platform for plus-sized individuals to connect and meet potential partners without any fraudulent behavior.

6. How to register for WooPlus?

To register for WooPlus, simply download the WooPlus app from your app store. Open the app, tap on "Sign Up" and provide some basic information like your email address, gender preference, and a catchy profile name. That’s it – you’re ready to find love in a size-positive community!

7. Is WooPlus any good?

WooPlus app is pretty good. It ticks all the right boxes when it comes to catering to plus-size individuals looking for love online. I highly recommend giving it a shot!


In conclusion, WooPlus offers a unique and inclusive platform for plus-size individuals to connect and build meaningful relationships. The app’s user-friendly interface and advanced features cater specifically to the needs of this community, creating a safe and welcoming environment. With its strict verification process, personal safety is prioritized on WooPlus.

The app also provides various options for interacting with other users, including browsing profiles, messaging, and participating in community forums. While there may be room for improvement in terms of occasional glitches or limited customization options, WooPlus remains a valuable resource for those seeking love or companionship within the plus-size dating sphere.

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