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OurTime Review 2023 – An In-Depth Look

Looking for love in your golden years? Well, darlin’, have I got an app that’ll make Cupid himself tip his hat! Get ready to ditch the bingo nights and embrace a new adventure with OurTime. Now, hold on tight, because we’re about to dive into the world of online dating for the silver foxes out there.

Ever wonder if you can find someone who shares your passion for 60s rock ‘n’ roll or dreams of traveling the world with nothing but a backpack? Have you spent countless hours scrolling through endless profiles only to come across photos from last century?

Fear not, my friend! OurTime promises to be THE remedy for all those lonely nights when Golden Girls reruns just won’t cut it anymore.

Swipe left, swipe right; does this game ring a bell? That’s right folks, even us oldies are hopping aboard the swiping train now! But is OurTime more like "Addams Family" quirky or "Golden Girls" glamorous?

Now before we dig deeper into its ins and outs (I know you’ve been itching), let me tell ya something: finding true love ain’t easy at any age. Is OurTime really gonna be like finding a needle in a haystack (after losing your reading glasses) or will it toss some magic our way that rivals Houdini himself?

So oil up those joints and grab yourself a hot cuppa tea — trust me, it helps smooth out those wrinkles — because we’re about to embark on an adventure straight outta Rom-Com Land. Will There Be Love At First Swipe™️? Let’s find out together as we unravel the hidden gems behind OurTime!

Pros & Cons

  • – OurTime is a legit dating site that brings together mature singles in the online dating world.
  • – The free membership option allows you to explore and navigate the site before committing to a paid membership.
  • – With the OurTime app, you can access your account and potential matches conveniently on-the-go.
  • – The ourtime website offers helpful dating advice articles, which can be beneficial if you’re new to online dating or just looking for some extra tips.
  • – The search filters and keyword search make it easier to find specific members who fit your preferences within the high site traffic.
  • – The ourtime website can be overwhelming with all the different features and options available.
  • – It can be difficult to navigate through the various profiles on the dating site, making it hard to find potential matches.
  • – Some users have reported encountering fake profiles on OurTime, which can be frustrating when looking for genuine connections.
  • – The customer support provided by OurTime is often slow and unhelpful when addressing issues or concerns.
  • – The search filters on OurTime are not as advanced or specific as those found on other dating sites, resulting in less accurate local singles search results.

Design & Usability

The color scheme and design of OurTime exude a sense of elegance and sophistication. The use of warm, inviting hues such as deep blues and vibrant oranges creates an aesthetically pleasing visual experience for users. The overall layout is clean and well-organized, making it easy to navigate through the site’s various features.

Usability is at the forefront of OurTime’s design philosophy. One noteworthy aspect is its intuitive interface, which ensures that even those less familiar with online dating platforms can easily find their way around.

The home page welcomes users with a clear and concise menu, featuring sections dedicated to searching for matches, browsing profiles, sending messages, accessing notifications, and more.

Furthermore, the search functionality provided by OurTime adds another layer of convenience for users seeking specific criteria in potential partners. With filters encompassing attributes like age range, location, interests or hobbies, one can seamlessly narrow down their options based on personal preferences.

When it comes to usability during interactions with other members on OurTime, messaging tools are readily accessible within each profile. This allows seamless communication between individuals interested in getting to know each other better.

Additionally, convenient features such as virtual gifts provide creative ways to express interest or add charm to conversations.

While OurTime offers many useful functions within its free version, opting for a paid subscription unlocks additional benefits and user interface improvements that enhance the overall experience even further. These perks may include advanced search filters (such as refining results by income level), increased visibility among other members’ searches or access to enhanced messaging capabilities.

Overall, our evaluation reveals that OurTime truly takes into account both design aesthetics and usability when crafting its platform—an approach aimed at providing an effortless online dating journey for singles over 50 looking for meaningful connections.

Pricing & Premium Membership on OurTime

A paid subscription to OurTime offers several benefits, making it a worthwhile investment for individuals seeking meaningful connections. The pricing of OurTime is competitive compared to other dating platforms in the market.

While you can use OurTime without paying, having a paid membership unlocks additional features and enhances the overall experience. Free users have limited access and may face restrictions when browsing profiles or interacting with potential matches.

Opting for a premium membership provides more opportunities to connect and engage with others on the platform.

When using OurTime without paying, there is still an available pool of potential matches; however, limitations are placed on communication features, such as sending messages and accessing advanced search filters. This can sometimes feel restrictive when compared to alternative options that offer more comprehensive free services.

To upgrade to a paid subscription on OurTime, there are various payment methods available for convenience.

Users can choose from credit cards or PayPal as secure payment options while subscribing to an extended membership plan. This allows flexibility in selecting their preferred method of payment for their OurTime subscription.

In summary, while it is possible to utilize OurTime without paying, opting for a premium membership significantly improves the usability and effectiveness of the platform by removing certain limitations. The pricing of OurTime is competitive within the industry standards, catering towards those who prioritize quality connections and enhanced functionalities in their online dating journey.

Subscription Option Price Features
Basic Membership Free – Create a profile and add photos
– Search for matches and view profiles of other members
– Receive daily match suggestions
– Send "flirts" to show interest in someone
– Use basic communication features like sending and receiving messages up to a certain limit
Premium Membership $29.96 per month – All features of the Basic Membership
– Unlimited messaging: Enjoy unrestricted communication with other members
– See who has viewed your profile and read their messages
– Highlighted profile: Get more attention by having your profile highlighted and stand out from others
– Advanced search options: Unlock additional filters and criteria to find compatible matches efficiently
Standard Membership One-time payment* – All features of the Basic Membership
Note: Prices and subscription options may vary based on location and current offers. Please visit the OurTime website for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

* The specific price for the Standard Membership is subject to change, so it’s recommended to check the OurTime website for the latest pricing details.

Please let me know if you have any further questions!

Signing up

The registration process on the OurTime site is a straightforward and hassle-free procedure designed to ensure a seamless experience for all users. To create an account, individuals must meet the minimum required age of 50 years old. OurTime caters specifically to mature singles who are ready to explore new connections and relationships.

To get started on the OurTime dating app or website, you can follow these steps:

  1. Visit the OurTime site: Open your preferred web browser and navigate to the official OurTime website.

  2. Access sign-up page: Look for the "Sign Up" button prominently displayed on either the homepage or navigation menu. Clicking this button will take you directly to the sign-up page.

  3. Enter basic information: Complete the necessary fields with accurate information about yourself.

    These typically include your gender, location, birthday, email address (required for verification purposes), username, and password.

  4. Personalize your profile: Once your account has been created successfully, continue by personalizing your profile according to your preferences and showcasing unique aspects of yourself through text sections such as "About Me" or uploading appealing photos that represent your personality accurately.

  5. Profile completion questionnaire (optional): Although not mandatory during signup, filling out a detailed questionnaire after creating an account enhances matchmaking accuracy by allowing algorithms to pair you with compatible profiles better.

  6. Upgrade options: At this stage in signing up for Ourtime.com’s services completely free of charge; however, if desired, additional premium features are available at reasonable costs should one wish to enhance their overall online dating experience further.

  7. Account activation/verification: To complete the signup process fully and activate your account successfully ourtime.com may send an email containing a verification link which requires confirmation within a specified timeframe after registration finalization so don’t forget checking both inbox/spam folders just in case they happen there by accident

8.Start exploring!

After verifying your account ownership via email confirmation, you are all set! Browse profiles of other OurTime members to find potential matches, engage in conversations, and embark on your online dating journey.

OurTime offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the registration process for individuals who meet the age requirement. Whether you choose to create an account through their website or mobile app, following these sign up procedures will have you joining this vibrant community of mature singles seeking connections effortlessly.

Disclaimer: The specific details of the registration process may vary slightly over time as OurTime continually updates its platform to enhance user experience while maintaining utmost security measures. To ensure accuracy, it is advisable to consult the latest instructions provided directly by OurTime during the signup process.

  • Visit the OurTime site or download the OurTime app
  • Click on the "Sign Up" button to start the sign up process
  • Provide personal information such as name, age, and gender
  • Create a unique username and password for your account
  • Upload a profile picture that clearly represents you
  • Write a creative and informative bio to attract potential matches
  • Fill out additional details like location, education, interests, and preferences
  • Agree to the terms of service and privacy policy before completing the OurTime signup process.


Yes, OurTime does have a mobile app available for download. Launched in 2013, the OurTime app is designed specifically for people over the age of 50 who are looking to connect with others and potentially find companionship or love. The app is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

The OurTime mobile app offers several advantages that make it convenient and user-friendly for its target audience. First, it allows users to easily create an account and customize their profile from anywhere at any time. This means that individuals can start using the platform immediately without having to wait until they have access to a computer.

Additionally, the app provides a simplified way of browsing through profiles and connecting with other members.

Users can view photos, read bios, send messages, or even engage in video calls directly through the app. This streamlined approach ensures that conversations flow smoothly and connections can be made efficiently.

One notable aspect of the OurTime mobile app is its intuitive interface which caters to older individuals who may not be as tech-savvy as younger generations. The design includes clear icons, larger fonts, and simple navigation menus which contribute to a positive user experience.

While there are numerous advantages to using OurTime’s mobile app, there are also some potential disadvantages worth mentioning. One drawback is that certain features may be limited or only accessible through a paid subscription plan. For example, advanced search filters or unlocking all messaging capabilities may require a premium membership.

Another consideration is whether the OurTime app meets individual preferences when it comes to dating apps’ overall functionality and design aesthetics. Some users might prefer more modern-looking interfaces or additional features offered by other popular dating apps on the market.

To conclude, our research confirms that OurTime has developed a dedicated mobile app catered towards individuals aged 50 and above seeking connections with like-minded people. Both iOS and Android users can take advantage of this native application’s convenience while benefiting from an intuitive interface. Although there may be limitations with the free version and personal preferences regarding app design, OurTime’s mobile app offers a viable online platform for older individuals looking to find companionship or love.

Who’s on OurTime?

OurTime primarily targets individuals who are 50 years of age and older, offering them a platform to connect with like-minded singles within their age bracket. The average age of users on OurTime is approximately 55 years old. These users typically belong to the baby boomer generation or are senior citizens seeking companionship, friendship, romance, or potentially even long-term relationships.

When it comes to relationship preferences on OurTime, the majority of its users are looking for genuine connections rather than casual hookups. Around 80% of members express a desire for meaningful relationships and are open to finding a partner with similar intentions.

This focus on fostering lasting bonds aligns well with the life stage and experiences that many individuals in this demographic prioritize.

While OurTime originated in the United States, it has expanded its reach globally over time. While it still maintains a large user base within America, it also draws considerable attention from other countries around the world. With its extensive features and global accessibility, OurTime becomes an attractive option for those seeking companionship regardless of their geographic location.

What Makes OurTime Worth Trying

  • OurTime is a legit dating site that caters specifically to adults over 50 years old who are seeking meaningful connections and companionship. – Unlike other sites that predominantly focus on younger age groups, OurTime recognizes the unique needs and desires of mature individuals, creating a welcoming and inclusive online platform for this specific demographic.

  • The website design and interface of OurTime site are user-friendly and intuitive, allowing members to navigate and use its features easily. – This sets it apart from some other sites that can be overwhelming or confusing for users who may not be as familiar with technology.

  • OurTime reviews showcase a high level of authenticity among its members, emphasizing the importance of genuine profiles and trustworthy interactions. – Compared to other sites where fake profiles and scammers can be prevalent, OurTime prioritizes member safety and aims to provide a secure online dating experience.

  • One standout feature of OurTime is the option for specific member logs, enabling individuals to track who has viewed their profile and expressed interest in them. – This level of transparency is valuable to members, as it allows them to better gauge mutual attraction and prioritize their interactions with potential matches.

  • In addition to traditional messaging features, OurTime offers various avenues for social engagement, including chat rooms and discussion forums. – This distinguishes it from other sites as it provides opportunities for members to connect on a deeper level, fostering a sense of community and support within the platform.

  • OurTime is part of the Match Group, which is known for operating great dating sites such as Match.com and OkCupid. – This association adds credibility to OurTime, assuring users that they are accessing a well-established and reputable dating service backed by a company with a proven track record in the industry.

Similar Sites & Apps

While OurTime is a popular dating site for individuals over 50, there are other dating sites and similar dating apps available to cater to diverse preferences. Exploring alternative options like Match.com, SilverSingles, or Tinder can provide additional opportunities to meet new people and find meaningful connections.

  • Tinder: This popular dating app allows users to swipe through profiles and match with others based on their preferences.
  • Bumble: Similar to Tinder, Bumble is a dating app that enables users to swipe right or left for potential matches. However, it puts women in control as only they can initiate conversations.
  • OkCupid: OkCupid is another dating site/app that matches people based on their answers to compatibility questions and personal preferences.
  • Match.com: One of the oldest and most well-known dating sites, Match.com offers a wide range of features and caters to various demographics.
  • Hinge: Hinge is a dating app that focuses on building deeper connections by encouraging meaningful conversations and providing prompts for users to engage with each other.

Security & Safety

Ensuring the safety and security of online dating platforms is paramount for users seeking love and companionship. OurTime, a well-known and reputable senior dating website, understands this significance and takes several measures to protect its members.

To begin with, OurTime offers a verification process to its users. This feature aids in creating an authentic community by confirming that members are genuine individuals seeking meaningful connections. Verification not only enhances trust among users but also reduces the chances of encountering fake accounts or bots on the platform.

Combatting against bots and fake accounts remains a top priority at OurTime. The platform employs advanced technology systems and manual checks to detect suspicious profiles promptly. By actively monitoring user activity, OurTime ensures a safe environment for its members while minimizing potentially deceptive accounts.

Additionally, OurTime provides a two-step verification option as an added layer of security. This process usually involves providing an extra piece of information or using a unique code sent to the member’s registered mobile number or email address during login attempts. Two-step verification adds another level of protection by verifying the authenticity of each individual logging into their account.

When it comes to profile pictures, OurTime maintains high standards by manually reviewing each image before it becomes visible on a user’s profile. This manual screening helps prevent inappropriate content from being displayed, ensuring that photos align with community guidelines while fostering a comfortable experience for all members.

OurTime also prioritizes privacy rights by maintaining strict guidelines outlined in its dedicated privacy policy. The platform acknowledges the importance of keeping personal data secure and goes above industry standards to safeguard sensitive information shared by its users. With encryption protocols applied across various communication channels, such as messaging or payments, OurTime aims to provide peace of mind regarding data protection.

While OurTime has made commendable efforts towards safety and security, there is always room for improvement in any digital space. For instance, implementing more stringent background checks during user registration could enhance confidence levels further within the community. Additionally, regularly updating security measures and educating users on best practices for online dating can help combat emerging online threats effectively.

In conclusion, OurTime recognizes the criticality of safety and security within the realm of senior online dating. Through verification processes, countering bots, two-step verification options, manual photo reviews, and a robust privacy policy, ourTime endeavors to create a secure platform for mature individuals seeking companionship. To continue fostering trust and ensuring member protection, further enhancements such as enhanced background checks and continuous education on cybersecurity could be considered.

Help & Support

Users can access the support of OurTime through various channels to address any questions, concerns, or issues they may have. The platform offers a comprehensive support page that provides detailed information and solutions for common problems users may encounter. In addition to this self-help resource, users also have the option to contact OurTime’s support team via email or phone.

The support page on OurTime is a valuable tool for users seeking assistance as it covers a wide range of topics. It includes step-by-step guides on how to create an account, update profiles, navigate the website, search for potential matches, initiate conversations, and more. This extensive collection of helpful articles ensures that most queries can be resolved without directly contacting customer support.

When direct communication with the support team becomes necessary, users can reach out via email by submitting a ticket through the website’s contact form. Although response times may vary depending on the volume of inquiries received, OurTime aims to reply within 24 hours during weekdays. This prompt response time helps ensure that user concerns are addressed in a timely manner.

For those who prefer immediate assistance over written correspondence, there is also a phone number available where users can speak directly with a customer service representative. While specific operating hours are not explicitly stated on the website nor readily accessible at this time of writing – perhaps due to varying working schedules based on demand – having a phone line adds another convenient way for customers to seek clarification or get real-time guidance.

Furthermore, OurTime understands that many users might have similar questions; hence they maintain an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section on their support page.

This resource compiles answers to commonly asked queries and acts as an additional reference point for resolving issues independently before reaching out to customer support.

In comparison with other alternatives in online dating platforms, such as eHarmony or Match.com among others; OurTime’s provision of both written and direct modes of communication proves advantageous. Users benefit from easily accessible support articles and guides, responsive email support, prompt phone assistance, and a comprehensive FAQ section. This multi-faceted approach ensures that users have the necessary resources at their disposal to address any concerns they may encounter while using OurTime efficiently.

User Profiles

User profiles on OurTime are public and can be viewed by other members of the dating platform. When creating a profile, users have the option to provide personal details such as their age, gender, location, and relationship preferences. Additionally, users can upload photos to showcase themselves.

The location information in user profiles is visible to others unless specific privacy settings are adjusted. By default, this information is included in the profile and allows potential matches to see where someone is located. However, it’s worth noting that users have the ability to hide or modify their location if they prefer not to disclose it.

OurTime provides an indication of distance between users by including a "distance" feature on each profile. This helps individuals gauge how close or far away potential matches are from their current location. It’s a useful tool for those who prioritize finding connections within a certain proximity.

For users with a premium subscription on OurTime, there are several benefits when compared to free accounts. Premium subscribers gain access to additional features like sending and receiving unlimited messages, seeing who has liked or flirted with them, and browsing profiles without any advertisements. These added perks enhance the overall experience on the platform and improve one’s chances of making meaningful connections.

Regarding fake profiles, while no online dating platform can completely eliminate them, OurTime aims to maintain a secure environment for its members by implementing various safety measures. The site utilizes advanced algorithms and manual verifications to detect and remove suspicious accounts before they cause any harm. Despite these precautions, occasional instances of fake profiles may still occur; therefore it’s important for users to exercise caution when interacting with others online.

To safeguard their privacy further or manage what information is displayed publicly about them, OurTime offers privacy settings that allow users control over which aspects of their profile are visible or hidden from others. Users can adjust these settings according to their preferences and comfort level.


users also have options regarding signing up on Our Time. They can either create a new account directly on the platform or use the convenient sign-in feature using their Google or Facebook credentials. This streamlines the registration process and offers an added layer of security through authentication.

In conclusion, OurTime provides public user profiles that display age, gender, location, photos, and relationship preferences. Privacy settings enable users to control what information is visible. Premium subscribers enjoy additional benefits such as unlimited messaging and ad-free browsing. While efforts are made to eliminate fake profiles, it’s essential for individuals to maintain caution when interacting online.

OurTime features

OurTime, both as a website and app, offers a mix of free and paid features to enhance the online dating experience. While basic access is available without subscription, some functionalities require a paid OurTime subscription. This platform stands out with its unique offerings such as virtual gifts, message ideas, and an advanced search function.

  • OurTime site: OurTime offers a user-friendly and intuitive website interface for easy navigation and access to various features.
  • OurTime app: In addition to the website, OurTime also provides a mobile app that allows users to access their accounts on-the-go and stay connected with other members.
  • OurTime subscription: Users have the option to subscribe to premium membership plans, which offer additional features such as enhanced search filters, read receipts, and the ability to see who has viewed their profile.
  • Virtual gifts: OurTime offers a unique feature of virtual gifts, enabling users to send virtual presents to other members as a way to express interest or admiration.
  • Message ideas: To help initiate conversations, OurTime provides message ideas or conversation starters to give users inspiration when reaching out to potential matches.
  • Search function: OurTime’s search function allows users to customize their search criteria and find compatible people based on specific preferences like age range, location, interests, and more.

How Does OurTime Work?

OurTime is an online dating platform specifically designed for singles who are aged 50 and above. It was created with the goal of providing a safe and user-friendly environment for mature individuals to connect, form meaningful relationships, and potentially find love.

The concept of OurTime emerged in 2011, as many older adults were feeling overlooked within the realm of online dating. Recognizing this gap, People Media, a subsidiary of Match Group LLC, developed OurTime to cater to the unique needs and interests of this particular demographic.

When using OurTime, users have two primary options: accessing the site through their web browser or downloading the OurTime app on their mobile devices.

Both platforms provide seamless navigation and enable users to effortlessly search for compatible partners based on various criteria such as location, interests, hobbies, and relationship preferences.

Upon signup, users are prompted to create a detailed profile that showcases their personality traits, interests, background information, and relationship expectations. This profile acts as a virtual representation of oneself and allows other members to learn more about them at a glance. Users can upload photos that portray different aspects of their lives or even add introductory videos to enhance their profiles further.

By utilizing advanced search algorithms built into the site’s framework, OurTime offers personalized matches tailored specifically to each member’s preferences.

Additionally, users can browse through thousands of profiles themselves by applying filters suited to their desired age range or location.

An important aspect worth mentioning is that while creating an account on OurTime is free-of-charge; certain features require upgrading your membership via subscription plans offered by the platform. These paid subscriptions unlock additional functionalities like sending virtual gifts or messages without any restrictions while also offering enhanced visibility across the site.

To conclude, whether you choose to engage with OurTime through its website or mobile application—the platform presents an excellent opportunity for mature individuals seeking companionship or long-term commitments. By allowing members access to extensive profiles along with multiple avenues for interacting with potential partners, OurTime strives to make the online dating experience enjoyable and successful for its users.

Searching, Filters and Communications

Looking to connect with like-minded individuals on OurTime? The search, filters, and communication features offered by both the OurTime site and app make it easier than ever to find potential matches based on your preferences. Whether you’re using a free OurTime profile or have opted for a subscription or membership, these tools allow you to personalize your search and engage in meaningful conversations with other members.

  • The OurTime site and app provide a user-friendly interface to easily search for and find other members.
  • Creating an OurTime profile allows users to showcase their interests, hobbies, and preferences, making it easier to connect with like-minded individuals.
  • With an OurTime subscription or membership, users gain access to various communication tools such as messaging and live chatting to interact with other members.
  • OurTime offers advanced search filters that enable users to narrow down their search criteria based on specific characteristics and preferences.
  • The site and app also provide features like virtual gifts and flirts, which allow users to express interest in other members and initiate conversations.

Users of OurTime have various options to make contact with potential matches on the site or app. They can utilize specific search filters such as age range, location, and interests to narrow down their choices. The platform also offers communication features like sending flirts or private messages to initiate conversations. Additionally, users who have an active OurTime subscription or membership can take advantage of advanced search options, such as filtering by activity level or relationship goals, further enhancing their chances of connecting with compatible individuals through their profiles.


1. Is OurTime legit?

Yes, absolutely! OurTime is definitely legit and worth a shot if you’re looking for companionship or love online. They have a user-friendly interface, diverse member base, and some great features to help you connect with like-minded individuals in your age group. Give it a whirl!

2. Is OurTime free?

No, OurTime is not free. Although they offer a free membership option, the site’s features are limited and you’ll need to subscribe to their paid plans for better functionality and communication options.

3. Does OurTime have a mobile app?

Yes, OurTime does have a mobile app! It’s super convenient because you can easily access your matches and messages on the go. Plus, the app has some cool features to enhance your online dating experience.

4. How to register for OurTime?

Signing up for OurTime is super easy – just head to their website and click on the "Join Now" button. Fill in some basic information like your gender, age, location, and email address. Then create a unique username and password, and you’re all set to start exploring the exciting world of online dating with OurTime!

5. How long does it take to have my profile approved on OurTime?

Hey there! So, when I tried OurTime, it took around 1-2 business days for my profile to get approved. They do mention that it might take a bit longer during times when they receive a high number of new sign-ups, but in my case, it was pretty quick. Just hang tight and soon enough you’ll be ready to rock your online dating journey on OurTime!

6. How much does OurTime cost?

OurTime offers a variety of subscription plans to suit your dating needs. Prices start at around $15 per month, but they also offer discounted rates if you opt for a longer commitment. So, it’s worth considering what works best for you and your search for that special someone!

7. Is OurTime real?

Yes, OurTime is real and legit. I’ve personally used it to meet genuine singles who are 50+ and looking for meaningful connections online. It’s a reliable platform that caters specifically to this age group, so give it a go!


In summary, after conducting a thorough analysis of OurTime, it is evident that this dating platform caters specifically to individuals over 50 looking for companionship and meaningful connections. With its user-friendly interface and numerous features designed to enhance engagement, users can easily navigate the site and find suitable matches based on their preferences. The website offers a safe and secure environment with effective measures in place to protect privacy.

However, some users have highlighted concerns regarding inactive profiles and occasional technical glitches. Nonetheless, the overall success stories shared by satisfied users indicate that OurTime has successfully fulfilled its purpose in facilitating lasting relationships for mature adults seeking love later in life.

Michael Ward

Michael Ward is an online dating expert and author with a passion for helping people find the right partner. He has been writing reviews on various dating sites and apps since 2015, when he realized that there was a need to help singles navigate through the ever-growing world of online matchmaking. Originally from Chicago, Michael earned his Bachelor's degree in Communications from Northwestern University before pursuing graduate studies at Harvard Business School. After completing his MBA program, he began working as an independent consultant specializing in marketing research for tech startups around Silicon Valley. It was during this time that Michael developed a keen interest in understanding how technology can be used to facilitate meaningful connections between two individuals who may not have otherwise met each other organically. This curiosity led him down the path of becoming one of today's most respected voices on all things related to digital romance - both good and bad! With years of experience researching different platforms available out there (including mobile apps), Michael provides insightful advice about which ones are worth trying out based upon individual needs or preferences – something many users appreciate given their limited resources when it comes to finding love online these days! His work has been featured by numerous publications such as The New York Times Magazine, GQ Magazine UK Edition & Forbes Online amongst others; making him one go-to source if you're looking for honest opinions about any type/kind/style/form etc.of virtual relationship service provider currently available today...

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