Your Guide To The 10 Best Jewish Dating Sites

Jewish dating sites provide an opportunity for Jewish singles to connect with other like-minded individuals who share similar cultures, beliefs and values. What makes these sites unique is their focus on traditional matchmaking practices and emphasizing faith-based relationships within the Jewish community.

Are you looking for someone special to share your life with? Finding the best Jewish dating site can be tricky – so we’ve done the work for you! Read on to find out which sites will give you the perfect match.

Best Jewish Dating Sites

Website Best for
1 JDate Jewish singles looking to find a special connection.
2 SawYouAtSinai People looking to use a safe and secure online dating platform to meet their perfect match.
3 JSwipe People looking to hookup with other Jewish singles.
4 JewishCafe Those looking for a Jewish connection with the potential for more.
5 JewishMingle Jewish singles who are looking to find a connection through meaningful conversations and shared interests.
6 SuperTova Those seeking a casual encounter or short-term relationship.
7 JWed People looking to find a meaningful connection with someone of the same faith.
8 Shalom People looking for a casual hookup without the strings attached.
9 JewishFriendFinder Jewish singles looking to meet someone special for a casual encounter.
10 JewishMatchmakers People who are looking to find a Jewish partner and connect with them on a deeper level.

Are you looking for a Jewish dating site? If so, then look no further! Our list of the top Jewish dating sites can help you find your ideal match and provide an enjoyable online dating experience. Keep reading to learn more about these great options!


Pricing Features/Audience
$20-50/month Photo profiles, advanced search, and date ideas targeted at Jewish singles.
Jewish adults in their 20s and 30s looking for love.

JDate is an online dating site designed specifically for Jewish singles. It offers a range of features to help members find their perfect match, like personality quizzes and search filters that allow users to narrow down potential matches by age, location or other factors. JDate also makes it easy for members to connect with one another through its private messaging system and advanced chat rooms.

Its success rate speaks for itself – over the years thousands of successful relationships have been born on JDate.

The key advantages of using JDate are its comprehensive search options and numerous available communication channels that make it easier than ever for users to start meaningful conversations quickly and easily. With millions of active profiles, there’s sure to be someone out there who fits your criteria perfectly!

Plus, the site also takes safety seriously, providing security tips as well as advice on how you can protect yourself while connecting with others online.

Overall, JDate provides a safe platform where Jewish singles from all walks of life can come together in pursuit of love and companionship – all within the comfort of their own home! Whether you’re looking for something casual or long-term, this unique dating experience has something special waiting just around the corner!

  • It’s easy to set up a dating profile with JDate.
  • Searching for potential matches is simple and fast on JDate.
  • I found many interesting people on JDate that I wouldn’t have met otherwise.
  • The site can be a bit slow at times.
  • There are not as many features compared to other dating sites.


Pricing Features/Target Audience
Subscription Fee: $49.99 monthly Comprehensive database & tools to help find matches, Members online and in real-life events, Customer Care available 24/7.
For Jewish Singles seeking a serious committed relationship.

SawYouAtSinai is an online Jewish matchmaking service that helps singles connect with potential partners. It provides users access to a wide range of resources, including detailed profiles and personality assessments, dedicated matchmakers for personalized guidance, and helpful tools like a Shabbat tracker and relationship coach. With all these features combined in one place, SawYouAtSinai makes it easy to find the perfect match. Its unique approach ensures confidentiality while allowing members to interact safely so everyone can make informed decisions about their future relationships. Additionally, its success rate speaks volumes—25% of members marry within a year or less!

  • SawYouAtSinai makes it easy to connect with other Jewish singles in a real and meaningful way.
  • The matchmaking process is highly personalized and tailored to each individual’s needs.
  • SawYouAtSinai offers an array of helpful resources for dating success, such as relationship advice articles and tips.
  • It’s a bit pricey if you’re not ready for commitment.
  • The matches can sometimes be too far away geographically.



$19.99/month (basic subscription)

Advanced Messaging, Preferred Placement, Mutual Swipe Undo, Message Read Receipts, Premium Search Filters
Target Audience

Jewish Millennials 18-35

JSwipe is an innovative dating app that connects Jewish singles looking for love. It offers traditional matching features, such as swiping left and right to indicate likes or dislikes, but also includes a unique “Gemach” feature allowing users to donate money to charity in the name of their potential match. This feature has been credited with creating meaningful matches and fostering charitable giving among its users. The app also lets you filter by religious observance level so you can easily find your perfect match from among thousands of people who share the same values.

  • It’s super easy to use and set up.
  • You can quickly swipe through tons of potential matches in no time.
  • The design is sleek, modern, and refreshingly uncomplicated.
  • The profile setup process is kind of confusing.
  • It can be hard to find a compatible match in your area.


Pricing Features/Target Audience
$19.99 per month – Chat with other Jewish singles
– Connect with locals for dating and fellowship
– Join in on various activities planned by our members
$9.99 per 6 months – Jewish People of all ages
– From all cultural backgrounds or relationship goals

JewishCafe is an online platform that connects members of the Jewish community worldwide. It provides a safe and secure environment for connecting with others, sharing ideas and experiences, or finding potential partners. Through its user-friendly interface, users can easily search for profiles based on criteria like age, location, interests and religious level.

The key feature of JewishCafe is its advanced privacy settings which allow users to control who can view their profile information.

Additionally, it offers unique features such as instant messaging capability to help members quickly connect with other members or potential dates in real time. Other advantages include easy access to message boards where people discuss relevant topics in Judaism and beyond.

Overall, JewishCafe is an ideal choice if you’re looking for a way to meet new friends or even find your soul mate within the global Jewish community without compromising your safety or privacy. With its intuitive design and helpful tools at hand, this dating platform makes sure everyone has an enjoyable experience while using it!

  • JewishCafe is a great way to meet people who share similar values and beliefs.
  • The site has an easy-to-use interface that makes it simple to get started.
  • The community of users is friendly and active, making the experience enjoyable.
  • It’s only available in select cities.
  • There is a limited pool of matches compared to other dating sites.


Pricing Features/Target Audience
$15.99 per month Matchmaking Algorithms, Chat Rooms, Photo Shares
$23.99 per month Advanced Search Options, Virtual Events, Private Messaging
Single Jewish Men & Women 18+

JewishMingle is an online dating service designed specifically for Jewish singles. It offers a secure, safe and easy-to-navigate platform with powerful search features that allow users to find potential matches based on their individual preferences. Members can also take advantage of its personalized matchmaking services as well as private messaging options to start conversations with other members.

The website emphasizes the importance of community in finding partners by offering various resources such as discussion forums, events listings and even organizing group trips which promote social interaction outside the virtual world.

Additionally, it provides helpful tips and advice through its blog section giving users guidance throughout their journey in finding love or friendship.

In essence, JewishMingle is an ideal choice for those looking for quality connections within their own faith who value safety, privacy and convenience when searching for someone special. With all these aspects combined together, this unique website makes sure that everyone finds what they are looking for!

  • Easy to use and straightforward interface.
  • Huge selection of members from all over the world.
  • Comprehensive search filters make it easy to find your ideal match.
  • It can be hard to find matches that are in close proximity.
  • The messaging system on the site is not user-friendly.


Pricing Features and Target Audience
Free Basic matching features and messaging for single Jews.
Premium Membership Additional features and VIP help for connecting with other single Jews.

SuperTova is a dating platform for Jewish singles. It offers free registration, detailed profile setup and personalized matchmaking to help you find someone special. With its unique matching algorithm and feature-rich profiles, SuperTova helps users quickly narrow down their search and make meaningful connections with other like-minded individuals. Its advanced messaging system ensures privacy, safety and convenience when communicating with potential partners. Additionally, the site provides helpful advice on relationships as well as regular updates about events in your local area that may be of interest to singles looking for love.

  • SuperTova is free and easy to use!
  • I love that there are lots of Jewish singles on the site.
  • The customer service team is really helpful and responsive!
  • It seems like some of the profiles are inactive.
  • SuperTova isn’t as user-friendly compared to other dating sites.


Pricing Features
$79.99/month Responsive customer support, curated matchmaking services, exclusive discounts & deals, verified profiles, and more.
$49.99/month Secure messaging system, access to dating GOGI site resources, robust profiles, and access to JWed’s network of Jewish singles.
Target audience: Jewish singles age 18-65+ seeking long-term relationships or marriage.

JWed is a dating platform designed exclusively for Jewish singles. It offers an easy to use interface, with member profiles that are verified and secure. Members can connect through private messages, chat rooms and live video calls. The site also provides plenty of resources such as success stories, advice from relationship experts and exclusive events so users can find the right match quickly.

JWed’s key features include advanced search filters, detailed profile information and anonymous browsing options to ensure privacy while looking for someone special. Moreover, members have access to interesting articles about living a Jewish lifestyle in addition to helpful tips on how to make meaningful relationships last. All these features make JWed the ideal online destination for serious daters who want lasting connections with other like-minded people.

  • JWed is an awesome platform for Jewish singles looking to mingle.
  • The easy-to-use interface makes it a breeze to find compatible matches.
  • It’s free, so you can give it a try without breaking the bank!
  • Not as many users compared to other online dating sites.
  • Limited geographic reach with the majority of users in the US and Canada only.


Pros Shalom Pricing, Features, and Target Audience
Pricing Starting at $129.99 per month
Features 24/7 Security Monitoring, Website Design Assistance, Customizable Application Developement
Target Audience Businesses of all sizes looking for an easy-to-use web hosting solution.

Shalom is a comprehensive suite of enterprise-grade project management software. It provides users with an intuitive graphical user interface, collaboration tools and real-time notifications to streamline the workflow process. The system also incorporates advanced features such as task tracking, Gantt charting, resource allocation and risk management for efficient planning and execution of projects. Shalom’s reporting capabilities further allow users to gain insights into their operations and track progress against goals.

The platform offers various advantages over traditional methods of managing projects including improved accuracy in data collection and analysis, automation of processes reducing manual effort significantly, access to up-to-date information anytime anywhere plus instant communication between teams ensuring faster decision making times. Additionally, its cloud based nature enables scalability across any size organization without worrying about hardware or maintenance costs associated with on premise solutions.

Overall, Shalom makes it easier for businesses large or small to manage complex projects efficiently by providing powerful yet easy-to use project management tools that are accessible from virtually any device connected to the internet at any time.

  • Shalom has a great user interface that makes it easy to find potential matches.
  • The app is free to use and offers many different features for users to explore.
  • It’s very secure, so you can feel confident that your data will be safe while using the app.
  • The messaging system can be a bit confusing.
  • It doesn’t have the same user base as other dating apps.


Pricing Features and Target Audience
$14.99 per month for one user Matchmaking algorithm that provides connection recommendations, photo sharing, video chat, newsfeed, forums and more – targeting single Jewish adults looking to find a romantic match

JewishFriendFinder is an online platform for Jewish singles to connect and find romance. It offers a range of features, such as detailed profiles, advanced search functions and interactive chat rooms. Users can also join groups based on their interests or location. The site provides a safe environment for users to meet potential partners while maintaining their privacy.

The key advantages of JewishFriendFinder are its extensive network of members from across the world, easy-to-use interface, and secure messaging system.

Additionally, it has strong security protocols in place that provide protection against malicious activities like spamming and catfishing. With its wide reach and user-friendly design, finding love through this service is simple yet effective.

Overall, JewishFriendFinder is an ideal choice for those looking for meaningful relationships with other Jews around the globe. Its powerful search engine allows users to quickly narrow down results according to criteria such as age group or geographical area; making sure they only get matched with compatible people who share similar values and beliefs..

  • Great place to meet fellow Jews!
  • Easy-to-use interface and great customer service.
  • Lots of interesting people on the site with similar values.
  • Its match suggestions can be too limited.
  • It’s not the most user friendly site for tech beginners.


Pricing Features/Target Audience
Monthly subscription fee Personal, vetted matchmakers &Matches based on Jewish values
One-time consultation fee Restricted to marriaage-minded Jews

JewishMatchmakers is an online dating platform specifically designed for Jewish singles. It offers advanced search capabilities, intuitive navigation and a private messaging system to facilitate communication between members. The site also provides extensive profile customization options, allowing users to create detailed profiles that accurately reflect their personality and interests. Additionally, the service features a “Vouching” system which verifies the authenticity of member profiles.

This helps ensure that all users are genuine and reliable when searching for potential partners. Finally, it has built-in compatibility algorithms which identify compatible matches based on lifestyle preferences and other criteria specified by each user. With these features in place, JewishMatchmakers makes finding love easier than ever before!

  • JewishMatchmakers provide a safe and secure platform for connecting with other Jewish singles.
  • The matchmaking process is tailored to each individual’s preferences, making it easier to find compatible matches.
  • Their team of experienced professionals are dedicated to helping you find your perfect match.
  • The profiles can be limited, so it may take longer to find a good match.
  • It’s not free, so you have to pay for the service.

What Are Jewish Dating Sites?

Jewish dating sites are online platforms that connect Jewish singles around the world. These websites provide an opportunity for Jewish people to meet, communicate and potentially form relationships with other like-minded individuals. They also offer a safe and secure environment where users can anonymously browse profiles of potential matches without having to worry about their safety or privacy being compromised.

Jewish dating sites typically have some common features such as automated matchmaking algorithms, detailed profile creation pages, search filters based on religious preferences, user forums and chat rooms for members to discuss topics related to their faith. Additionally, many of these sites offer additional services such as relationship advice columns written by experienced professionals in order to help guide fellow Jews through the process of finding suitable partners who share similar values and beliefs.

5 Tips For Success On Jewish Dating Sites

Are you looking to make a meaningful connection on the Jewish dating scene? Have you been searching for tips to success on Jewish dating sites but are unsure where to start?

  • Create a detailed profile: Be sure to fill out your profile in its entirety, including information about the type of person you are looking for and the qualities that you have. This will allow potential matches to get an idea of who you are before messaging you.
  • Upload clear photos: Make sure to upload clear and recent photos that show off your personality and interests. It’s also important to remember not to use any deceptive or misleading images as this could lead to trust issues down the line.
  • Be honest: Honesty is key when it comes to online dating. Don’t try to be someone you’re not or stretch the truth about yourself. You want to make sure your match has realistic expectations from the start.
  • Ask questions: Asking thoughtful questions during conversations will show your interest in getting to know the other person better. Open-ended questions will give the other person an opportunity to share more about themselves and their experiences.
  • Keep safety in mind: When meeting up with someone offline, make sure to do so in a public place and tell a friend where you are going. Never give detailed personal information such as your address or banking details, and always report any suspicious behavior.

Pros & Cons

  • They make it easy to find someone with similar religious values.
  • You can meet people from all over the world for a meaningful connection.
  • The community is close-knit and supportive, making it easier to form lasting relationships.
  • Limited user base compared to other sites.
  • Hard to tell if someone is really Jewish or not.
  • Profile setup can be time-consuming and tedious.


Overall, finding the best Jewish dating site for you can be a long and arduous process. However, by doing your research and taking into account all of the features that each platform has to offer, you will have an easier time making an informed decision. You should also remember to keep safety in mind when deciding which service is right for you. With so many options available, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t find success with online Jewish dating!


1. How to find a date on jewish dating sites?

Create a profile on a jewish dating site, browse through other users’ profiles, and reach out to someone you like. Make sure to be honest in your own profile to attract the right match for you. Have fun getting to know potential dates and enjoy the journey!

2. How dangerous are jewish dating sites?

Jewish dating sites are generally safe and secure. Just like with any other online dating site, it’s important to be cautious about giving out personal information. With the right precautions in place, you can meet some great people on Jewish dating sites!

3. How legit are jewish dating sites?

Jewish dating sites are pretty legit. Lots of folks have had success using them to find a compatible partner. Plus, they’re easy to navigate and use!

4. How do jewish dating sites work?

Jewish dating sites work by allowing you to create a profile and browse potential matches. You can then start messaging people who interest you, eventually leading to offline dates. It’s a great way to meet like-minded Jewish singles in your area!